Scalp Technique is here to serve thousands of individuals who suffer from varying degrees of hair loss and we offer a 12-month free evaluation after the procedure is complete.

Micropigmentation creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles to restore the look of a fuller head of hair for those with thinning hair, and to provide a full, close-cut “hairstyle” for those suffering from complete hair loss. Essentially, the procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas.

We believe this is the most effective hair loss solution because complete and permanent hair regrowth has still not been accomplished by any of the products claiming to be a hair loss cure. At Scalp Technique, we’re not going to tell you that we have a magic hair restoration solution. However, we can provide a hair replacement that looks like the real thing, right up until the point where someone touches it. We’re not just for balding men either. Women suffering from hair loss, those who want treatment for alopecia, and those looking to cover up scarring are all welcome as well. No matter who you are, we’ll make sure you can walk out of your final treatment with confidence in your new look!

Why choose Scalp Micropigmentation over other solutions?

You might ask this question; the answer is simple.

A few of the great things about SMP?

  • It’s a natural-looking hair loss treatment
  • It’s relatively affordable compared to other, less effective procedures
  • It’s safe for your existing hair and your scalp
  • There’s less maintenance involved than with boxed hair products
  • There’s no surgeries, scars, or supplements

After just one session you will see immediate results and your confidence will be moving forward — along with your hairline.

If you suffer from hair loss and have decided to act, there are many solutions and products available

  • Hair replacement systems
  • Concealers
  • Lotions
  • Hair regrowth supplements
  • Hair transplant surgery

Oftentimes our clients have tried these solutions and are displeased with the results.

These solutions are temporary and can leave you with unwanted outcomes, such as:

  • Multiple lifetime scars from failed implants
  • Multiple visits to your hair transplant surgeon
  • Extensive time and money
  • Constant Maintenance (Supplements | Products)
  • Continued hair loss over time even after treatments

This is why we believe SMP should be taken seriously and we also believe SMP is the best solution.

Scalp Technique was founded by Joey “JT” Tafoya in Broomfield, Colorado and is a provider in world-class scalp micropigmentation. Having trained, certified, and now partnered with Eddie Lopez, CEO of Scalp Artist International, JT is considered an expert in the industry who holds himself to the highest standards of SMP treatment.

If you’re interested and want to know more, we would be happy to sit down with you to show you the results of other clients and explain the process as well as the eventual benefits of micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation might be a big word for hair tattoo, but it’s so much more than that. Call or come into our Broomfield location today and let us show you why!


Scalp Micropigmentation… Your life changed in a session