How much does it cost?

  • Pricing can be difficult; we request you come in for a free consultation so a technician can measure the dimensions of your scalp and evaluate your situation
  • However, pricing can range anywhere from $1500 – $7000

o   Visit SERVICES for more information on pricing

Does my age allow me to qualify for this procedure?

  • SMP is the only natural solution to hair loss and is the answer for men and women of any age

o   Men who shave their head will notice the hair follicle is a charcoal color

o   We recommend a short length

  • We understand every situation is different, your technician will go over style and pigment color that’s appropriate to your look and age

I have (red hair, blond hair, brown hair, white hair) do you have colored pigmentation?

  • Every hair follicle is (charcoal or black) no matter what hair color you have
  • What creates the color of your hair is the amount of melanin you produce in the (hair shaft) mixed with light
  • Because the hair follicle is a charcoal color, we do not have colored (Red, blond, brown or white) pigmentation, instead, we use a lighter charcoal base on lighter-skinned individuals and a darker charcoal base on darker-skinned individuals

How long is the process?

  • The non-invasive procedure takes approximately 4-6 sessions to complete your new look based on the following

o   Healing of the scalp

o   How well your skin takes the pigment

o   Dimensions of your scalp and the work needed to complete

  • Each session is separated by a week

o   Ex. 4 sessions = 4 weeks

o   Visit AFTER-TREATMENT for more information on what to do after the procedure

Does hair grow?

  • SMP is NOT a hair regrowth service.
  • This non-surgical procedure replicates (hair follicles) using a technique that uses microneedles to insert pigment into your scalp creating the illusion of a shaved head
  • We recommend keeping your hair at a shorter length to create the most natural outcome

How much maintenance is needed?

  • Minimal maintenance required all you do is shave your head and take care of your skin
  • If you’re looking into this procedure, you’re already doing things to keep your scalp from going bald. What you’re doing is probably more maintenance then what this procedure calls for

Can it be removed?

  • Yes, even though we never had a patient remove SMP to date, it is reversible
  • SMP treatment bears no resemblance to removing a tattoo. It’s quick, easy and only a little uncomfortable for most people

Will SMP last forever?

  • Micropigmentation is considered semi-permanent. While the effects may last up to five years or longer, the treated area will fade over time since all skin naturally exfoliates itself
  • We recommend an enhancement or touchup anywhere from 3-5 years

Can I get a hair transplant after SMP?

  • Yes, ultimately the decision is yours. SMP can be a temporary solution for you
  • We also have patients that get hair transplants and after use, SMP to enhance the appearance of hair density

Does SMP damage the hair follicles?

  • No, SMP will not damage hair follicles as the hair follicles are much deeper in the scalp than the pigment is placed

Does SMP hurt?

  • While most patients don’t find SMP to be overly painful, there is some level of pain and discomfort felt during the procedure. So, your experience will depend very much upon your own pain levels
  • You can compare the pain to a needlepoint pen gently tapping your scalp

 Can I remove the hairline I chose in my 20’s and change it to something more suitable in my later years?

  • This is a GREAT question; the answer is simple
  • Yes, we understand our patients may want adjustments made to their hairline in their later years and that’s perfectly fine
  • The patient will have to undergo a tattoo laser removal
  • Once removed, the new hairline can be created and inserted to adapt to the patient’s age or situation